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I've always had a passion for the visual arts and have explored various forms of it, from graphic design to furniture restoration. However, it wasn't until I became a visual merchandiser that I knew I had found my calling in life. My experience in sales, fascination with human behavior, creativity, and desire to connect with people on a deeper level all come together in this field.

Now Accepting new Clients

in Norther Utah!

Services Offered

Seasonal Displays

Great for requesting standalone pieces. Currently open!

Brand Designing

Let's build your company's visuals and identity together.

Window Displays

Everything your project needs from posters to billboards

Fixtures and props coming soon!

Interior of clothing store.

Recent work

Themed department

Developed a fun theme for this juniors department bringing something new each year.

Back to school trends

created a display to highlight the years hottest fashion trends and accessories in a central location of the store.

Tommy Bahama

Created a cohesive display that conveys the brands identity.

Now accepting new Clients

Beastvm is a Independent Contractor

Located in Ogden UT.

Let's Create something inspiring together.

Brandy Eastman






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